An exclusive, state of the art piece on the history and future of Las Vegas. This is the endeavour of a lifetime. From the first time I set foot in Las Vegas, I knew that this city is like no other. The multitude amount of experiences within the confinements of The Strip, is as uncountable as the stars in the galaxy. More than 150.000 hotel rooms cater to hundreds of thousands of tourists who are all pumped up, or down; the city of Las Vegas understands no moderation, it only knows excess.

Bright are the lights that shine down from the iconic resorts. Whether at dawn or dusk, inside people are alive. Whether they dream at night, or during the day, the mesmerizing energy is so enchanting – if not bedevelling – to the human mind, that when leaving Las Vegas you wonder if it all was even real.

Dreams can only be built by big-dreaming people. Las Vegas was built by the most ambitious men and women of the United States. Settlers and immigrants with the frontier spirit at heart, often have been depicted as ‘ desperate’. If at all true, at a bare minimum they were adventurous and ready to take on as much as they could. Perhaps only these folks were able to endure the harsh desert life….and sustain. Where others fled, they stayed. Embracing opportunity and a can-do mentality, they built the the most captivating city on earth.

Today, Las Vegas is a zillion times larger and more complex than it was in the year 1900. This book is therefore also a dedication to the hard work demonstrated by the countless number of employees of The Strip.